Research, Development & Innovation

Our models for in vitro reconstructed human skin are created on Biocelltis’
proprietary hydrogel. Our technology is the
basis for the creation and development of all of our products!

In vitro Reconstructed
Human Epidermis

Biocelltis’ human epidermis models are live skin models reconstructed in the lab and kept metabolically active during the time deemed necessary to carry out tests on commercial products. These skin models are used in safety tests for new dermocosmetics or topical medications. Each fragment of human epidermis replaces an animal that would be used in these tests. In addition to decrease the use of animals in lab tests, we want to provide the industry with 3D models that are physiologically more representative in terms of tissue complexity in vitro.

O CellFate-RHE (In Vitro Fertilization) é o modelo de epiderme humana reconstituída em laboratório pela Biocelltis

Soon the Model for in vitro reconstructed human epidermis (CellFate® RHE) and the Model for in vitro reconstructed human skin (CellFate®-RHS) will be available for sale.

Platform for
in vitro fertilization

O CellFate-FIV é a plataforma para fertilização in vitro produzida pela Biocelltis Biotecnologia, em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Biocelltis intends to supply the market demand for animal and human reproduction by making the 3D CellFate® - IVF matrix available on the market, which shall increase the percentage of success of in vitro fertilization processes and ensure the maintenance of the genetic quality of embryos. The 3D CellFate® - IVF matrices mimic the perfect micro-environment for the maturation of oocytes and blastocysts, preventing changes in the expression of adhesion proteins found in the cytoplasmic membrane of these cells. Ready for use and easy to handle, the 3D CellFate® - IVF matrices adjust to all plate formats used in fertilization labs, and they can also be customized for specific purposes. The product has uniquely transparency, which allows for the visualization of cells at any stage of the procedure.

Plataforma para fertilização in vitro

Dermal Regeneration Matrix

ArtskinTM consists of human skin substitute composed of fibroblasts extracted from patients themselves and embedded in a 3D CellFate® matrix. The matrix is able to promote cell infiltration, resulting in a high quality neoderm, without rejection.

Matriz de Regeneração dérmica ArtSkin, produzida pela Biocelltis Biotecnologia, em Santa Catarina Imagem meramente ilustrativa

Lab Meat

We are excited to expand our team’s expertise and apply it to the development of lab meat. Our main goal in this process is to scale up the production of biomaterial which shall be used as a support to the formation of a muscle tissue with the same physical-chemical and sensory properties as the Brazilian meat.

Tecido Muscular Carne de Laboratório, está sendo produzido pela Biocelltis Biotecnologia, em Santa Catarina Imagem meramente ilustrativa