We are a multidisciplinary team of scientists and entrepreneurs who apply
their knowledge in the development of innovative technologies
in the health segment, thus improving people's quality of life.

Direção Executiva da Biocelltis Biotecnologia - Janice Koepp
Executive Management

Janice Koepp, Dr. Sc.

A pharmacist (UNIVALI, 1996), with a doctor’s degree in Pharmacology (UFSC, 2005), she is an expert in pre-clinical pharmacology and in the development of biomaterials for cell therapies and biological products. Before joining Biocelltis, Dr. Koepp held managerial positions at Institut Heliopolis at the École des Mines in Saint-Étienne, France. Dr. Koepp has a post-doctorate in Pharmacology and in Tissue Engineering, both from UFSC, in Florianópolis, Brazil

Gerência de Inovação da Biocelltis Biotecnologia - Emily Marques dos Reis
Innovation Management

Emily Marques, Dra. Eng.

A Bioprocess and Biotechnology Engineer (UERGS, 2013). Master (UFSC, 2016) and PhD in Chemical Engineering (UFSC, 2020) specialist in animal and human cell culture in 3D environment, development of in vitro models of human skin and tumor models. She has experience in Molecular Biology, Biopolymer Modification, Tissue Engineering, Project Management and Innovation.

Gerência de produção e qualidade da Biocelltis Biotecnologia - Guilherme Colla
Production and Quality Management

Guilherme Colla, Dr. Eng.

A Chemist (UFSC, 2011), Bachelor of Technological Chemistry (UFSC, 2014). Master (UFSC, 2014) and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (UFSC, 2018). He is specialist in Structural Modification of Biopolymers, Tissue Engineering, Quality and Bioprocess Management.

Diretora de Operações da Biocelltis Biotecnologia - Fernanda Vieira Berti
Board member

Fernanda Vieira Berti, Dra. Eng.

Doctor in Chemical Engineering (UFSC, 2012). She has a post-doctorate from the European Institute of Excellence on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (3B’s Institute, 2013-2015). She is the founding partner of company Vetherapy (San Francisco-CA, 2018), which was chosen by IndieBio (Silicon Valley), the largest acceleration program for biotechnological start-up companies in the world. She is an expert in the development of biotechnological products aimed at vascularizing human organs and tissues, and at controlling tumor progression.

Diretor de Inovação da Biocelltis Biotecnologia - Luismar Marques Porto
Board member

Luismar Marques Porto, Ph.D.

A chemical engineer (FURB, 1980), with a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry (UFSC / COPPE-UFRJ, 1985), a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (Northwestern University, USA, 1993), Visiting Scholar at the University of Queensland (Australia, 2001-2002), and Visiting Scientist at the Harvard–MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (USA, 2007-2010). Specialties: Systems biology, Tissue engineering, Applied genomics, Reaction engineering. Santa Catarina State Innovation Award (Stemmer Award - Innovation Protagonist, 2011).

Membro do Conselho da Biocelltis Biotecnologia - Carlos Renato Rambo
Board member

Carlos Renato Rambo, D.Sc.

Carlos Renato Rambo, D.Sc. A physicist with a doctor degree in Materials Science and Engineering from USP (2001) and a post-doctorate from Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. He has extensive experience in RD&I project management in the areas of biomaterials synthesis and characterization, nanotechnology and tissue engineering. He works in the development of new technologies for the area of biomedical materials.

Investidor da Biocelltis Biotecnologia - Gelson Luis Rostirolla
Board member

Gelson Luis Rostirolla

Gelson is a renowned executive in the business management segment; his is a director at several companies in Brazil and abroad, as well as working as Chief Family Officer for a traditional family in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Accounting Sciences, and MBAs in corporate acquisitions, mergers and IPO processes, general management and corporate governance.